Adelaide Solar Panel Installers

Quality, service and price for all Adelaide residents

We understand the process of buying solar systems can be confusing. Picking the right supplier is very important, going solar means you will be in partnership with your solar provider for the life of the system. Your solar partner needs to be able to service and warrant the system for many years.

South Australian Owned Company

Ionics Energy have been servicing the SA market for many years and look forward to continuing to provide great products at great prices, with the superior service that has made us a true success story.

Quality Solar Products

All of our solar products are of the highest quality including our solar panels, inverters and solar batteries.

Great Value Solar Systems

You may have heard that you get what you pay for, which is true, the products are often inferior, but also consider the long-term impacts to companies that continuously cut corners. These are the companies that tend to come and go from the market. We combine top quality products and fantastic service with very competitive prices whilst always doing things the right way.