How To Properly Store Your Smoking Pipe

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How To Properly Store Your Smoking Pipe

Although we frequently consider pipe tobacco storage, we rarely discuss the maintenance of the smoking pipe utilized mostly to enjoy it. A lot of value is placed on these accessories, thanks to both the vintage aesthetics they sport and their functionality. 

We believe they require proper care both when they’re being utilized and when they aren’t.

Hence, in today’s guide we shall be focused on the correct storage and care for the smoking pipe. We’ll provide you with a full description of different ways one should maintain pipes belonging to their cycle, answering your various questions along the way.  

Using these subsequent key points:

Should You Store/Rest Your Smoking Pipe?

How Best Should You Store Your Smoking Pipe?

Benefits Of Pipe Storage

First off, you should own 1 extra smoking pipe, a pipe which isn’t in use. Do a rotation and it should include atleast 2 pipes which can be alternated daily.


Because, every time you use a smoking pipe, it warms up, collecting moisture from the tobacco. Hence, a single pipe being used daily is sure to cause damage to it. Instead, give the pipes a day to cool down and air them, to expel the moisture.

Some pipe aficionados prefer to own pipes for each day. Some own a massive collection, that are in their dozens, if not hundreds! Maybe you’re one of those who cycle through pipes regularly, but you’ve observed that airing them doesn’t protect them. Why do you think that is?

Here’s why, when you leave a pipe to be aired for an extended period it faces the risk of deterioration. They will have thoroughly ventilated and relaxed after around a maximum of 5 days. As such, leaving it to the elements for a prolonged period is risking exposing it to the dangers of varying levels of humidity.

Also, it’s not the best idea to leave your smoking pipe in direct sunlight, since most pipes are made of different types of wood and the varnish is seriously prone to bleaching in direct sunlight. With a basic understanding of why and how long we should store our pipes it’s time we moved on to the best locations for them;

Where Should You Store Your Smoking Pipes?

There are various means by which one can store the pipes but a rack is one very common and efficient means by which we can store them when thinking short term.

In essence, a number of racks are available that could fit an unlimited number of pipes. Usually, typical racks will hold between five and one item per day. But, that is hardly the most important feature with pipe racks, what is most important is that they let the pipes enjoy proper ventilation to rid them of excessive moisture.

Even better, storing them in a specific order makes it a lot easier to keep track of the pipe rotation.

What is the whole gist of this article? To protect the smoking pipe that you love as well as maintain its vintage and aesthetic appeal. You will need to protect them from the moisture of both the environment and tobacco. So in terms of storage, it wouldn’t hurt to take factors like humidity and sunlight into consideration.


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