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Reasons Why Small Businesses Fold Within A Few Years

Small businesses are the execution of the plans made over a conversation or the ideas that strike your head before you go to sleep. However, a small business can have a very short life span and may collapse within a few years due to reasons such as

Wrong Reasons

Most of the companies go down because they are trying to make profits in a market which does not exist. Starting your business for the wrong reason can become the very one for the demise of your business. Although you have the required skill set to perform a task, what matters is whether you have the required knowledge of the business that you are stepping into.

Insufficient Capital

Failure to manage the capital investment  required for the business can result in faster draining of the cash. First of all, starting a business without sufficient operating capital and expecting profits on the way is one of the worst business management plan. A person should have at least a plan for first year or two, and there should be sources to cover up the losses and additional budget to keep the business running.

Improper Planning

Most of the failures in the small business happen due to the inability to take the pressure and have a sorted plan. It includes workforce needs, analysis of competitors, sales and expense forecasts, and marketing budget. Another mistake that people do is hesitate to make changes in their plans later in the business. There will be times when you will need to step up to make changes in your company, and if you fail to do so, the business will be diseased and die in a few months.

Poor Management And Leadership

For a business to build up, there is a need for a good leader and proper management. Lack of either can lead to confusion and conflict within the company, which will have poor morale and reduced productivity. It is important to acquire the skills which will replace your liabilities with your assets.

Failure to advertise and market

Good and bad advertisements make a huge difference in the success and failure of a business. Many companies go out of business because of their inability to promote and market their ideas. Today there are many new advertising methods along with the traditional ones. The key is to reach out to the right audience in the right way. The websites, social media platforms, smartphone applications are few of the new ways of promoting your product.

Underestimating the competition

There is a possibility that your idea is one in a million and haven’t been thought before. But if you have competitors who are making similar products, then they should never be underestimated. To understand your competition, do a competitive analysis to access your competitor’s strength and weaknesses to improvise on your strategies to gain an advantage over the market.

How do small businesses fund themselves

The investment in a small business can seem difficult for the entrepreneurs at times, and they will find a need to struggle to get the funding at the beginning of days. So how do they manage to get funding? Well, there are two ways to fund a business from external means- equity and debt.

Equity requires the owner to turn over an ownership stake to an investor to receive the funding respective of a deal. Equity does not require any repayments, and the only drawback is losing the total ownership over the business. Let us look at the forms of equity through which small businesses afford an investment.

Cloud Funding

The internet has become a platform for people to pitch their ideas to investors around the world. There are several websites which offer crowdfunding for the startups to be successful. But we have to be careful in choosing the right funders to have a fair deal on the equity, and so the cloud funding is also limited to some levels.

Angel Investors

The people who are willing to invest in businesses are today forming groups to connect with people. These firms contribute to the funds of small businesses in the exchange to some part of the ownership in the business. They focus on funding to the businesses budding in their local areas.

Partners & Friends

A partner can be a member of your family or a friend or colleague. If the idea is good, then people can show up to become partners by investing their money. Most of the time, the partner shares equal ownership of the company but may or may not be employed in the business. However, if the business fails, it can lead to tension buildup, which is not good between friends and family.

Debt requires the entrepreneur to request money in return of a promise to repay the amount in a specific time with added interest. Debt does not provide any sort of ownership for the lender over the business, but there will be the obligation to repay the loan in time, failing which can result in the liquidation of the company. There are three ways to take a loan to small businesses.

Small Business Lenders

There are plenty of associations in the market who are willing to lend money to small businesses in exchange for profitable returns. Lenders demand the loan to be secured by assets of some type and high return rates.

SBA Loans


Small Business Administrations are headed by the business leaders in the market who are willing to lend money through various programs. The loan requires a guarantee that the loan will be repaid and this is where the skills and ideas of the small businesses provide the surety.


Small Business loans are available in all traditional banks. Anyone can get a loan based on their credibility. A person should have enough assets to assure the banks that the money can be recovered if the business fails.




How To Start A Small Business

Starting a small business can be easy or difficult based on how you approach the idea and management. But it is one thing that can be achieved by anyone with minimum or no requirement of investment. Starting a small business will involve a concept, business plan, finance management, and marketing.

The Five main components required to start a successful business are

Set your basics

You need to define your goals before you begin executing your plan. You need to decide whether you want to start from small and then lead slowly to something big or you want to start something with a high investment that can provide a stable income. You need to define your team and choose your partners wisely to work on your plan. You need to think of a name and a logo which will suit your product and gain the attention of the audience.

Write a business plan

When you write a business plan, you need to take responsibility as a leader to envision every department under your company and the processes that take place in those departments. It also creates a map for investors, bankers, and clients and determines how they can help in improving your business. Have a business description on how it fits in the market in general, who are the potential customers, what price are they willing to pay, and who are your competitors. You need to write down your operational plan, the marketing plan, and also you need to keep an account of your pricing model.

Managing your finances

It is very important to keep a record of the expenditure on money that will be spent on all the processes of your new business. You need to have enough investment to save your business form any problem that can occur at least for two years. A proper business plan should have proper management of the start-up costs, the running costs, back drop savings, and sustainable expenditure. The method of payment should be defined to keep a more secure and accurate record of all the transactions.

Covering the legal side

You want a business which falls under the rules and regulations of your government to avoid any issues in the future. You will require the county permits, state requirements, taxes, fees, contracts, shares, and other legal documentation. Find your company a good legal advisor who will help you with all the legal matters. Hire an accountant who will secure all your documents and keep them ready for any legal matters.

Marketing your business


Here lies the most important segment of your business to rise above your competition in the market. Advertisement will be your key to gain the trust of the people and create goodwill for your company. There are several marketing techniques, some of which are new, and some are traditional. Websites are the most trending way of advertising your product in the market. Hire professional designers who can be creative while promoting your products. You want a good name for your company when you make the first impression as it will stay in people’s minds for years to come. There are social media platforms which can connect you directly with your consumers so it can be a great way to know and understand their needs and fulfilling their demands.

The highs and lows of investing in a small business

We can never say whether a small business is going to fail or become fruitful if we plan on investing in one. So, we should be prepared for the rollercoaster it can turn out to be. Here we look at whether or not the investment in a small business is a good idea.


Investing in a small business can help in the overall growth of the local economy. With new businesses popping up everywhere, the infrastructural development will automatically provide you more facilities and better lifestyle.

Investments in local businesses will also create a room for employment and opportunities for new entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. It will be a financial as well as a huge moral support to the new ideas.

If the business flourishes, there is a huge room for profiting from it. Our investments make us gain some part of the ownership of the business. If it continues to grow in the future, then we can have a stable source for gaining profits with our shares.

All the big companies have started somewhere. If the business that we invest in today becomes a leading giant in the world in future, then we can cash out a huge fortune all because of our one good decision of putting our money in a good idea.

If we get a bigger share in an idea, we can become an advisor in the company. This will provide us the power of providing ideas for the growth of the company. Along with which, it will also provide us the authority to bring in changes in the marketing sector to boost the sales of the product.



The disadvantage of investing in a business is that we do not get any authority to the inner organs of the company. We are just the investors and at max can operate in the sales department to provide valuable feedback.

There is no way to stop the company from taking any decisions. If the companies go forward to end their career with poor decisions, we as the investors are helpless and watch the utter waste of our hard earned money.

There is a greater risk involved in investing in a small business as compared to the companies which are already successful. Big companies provide the security that the business is steady, and there is no chances of failure in the future. Small businesses have no certainty in the beginning and can entirely come to a dead end within a year.


What matters the most is the passion required in the individuals to run a business fight for stabilizing in the field of their competition. The future of the employees and the investors who are just playing a gamble over the dreams of small businesses depends on how they carry themselves forward in the competitive market.

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