Commercial Solar Systems

Great Value Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems

Our commercial grade solar power systems are all about long term performance and maximum return on investment. Our expert electrical engineers will design a quality commercial solar energy PV system with your current/future tariffs, load profile, peak demand and other factors in the forefront ensuring your new commercial solar energy system provides you with the best return on investment and one which other investments in your business can’t be matched



The lighting component of your electricity bill can sometimes be as high as 50%. Our high quality LED lighting ranging from downlights, tubes, high bays etc can reduce your business lighting cost by up to 80%. The lifetime of these lights can be up to 50,000 hours meaning you’ll also save on long term replacement and maintenance costs

Power Factor Correction

Not many business owners or commercial solar power systems retailers in Australia understand the true meaning and impact or poor power factor. A poor power factor can needlessly cost your business thousands of dollars per year. A simple analysis by our electrical engineers can determine your power factor and advise on the best solution possible